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ALEPH (Heister et al.  
ZP C35(2004)457 [R])  
   Charged Particle Multiplicity   91.2GeV
ALEPH (Barate et al.  Eur.Phys.J.C17(2000)1 [R])  
   Subjet Multiplicity v Y0 (91.2 GeV)   Quark JetsGluon Jets
   Subjet Dispersion v Y0 (91.2 GeV)   Quark JetsGluon Jets
   Ratios v Y0 (91.2 GeV)   Quark JetsGluon Jets
ALEPH (Buskulic et al.  Zeit.Phys.J.C73(1997)409 [R])  
   Multiplicity   133 GeV

DELPHI (Aarnio et al.  
Phys.Lett.B240(1990)271 [R])  
   Charged Particle Multiplicity   91.2 GeV

L3 (Achard et al.  
Phys.Rept.399(2004)71 [R])  
   Charged Multiplities at 91.2 GeV   Allusdcb
   Charged Multiplities   130136161172183189194200206GeV
   Multiplity Moments at 91.2 GeV   MeanDispersion
   Multiplity Moments v. Energy   MeanDispersion
L3 (Adeva et al.  Zeit.Phys.C55(1992)39 [R])  
   Charged Mult.   91.2 GeV

OPAL (Ackerstaff et al.  
Zeit.Phys.C75(1997)193 [R])  
   Multiplicity (161 GeV)   Multiplicity
OPAL (Ackerstaff et al.  Zeit.Phys.C72(1996)191 [R])  
   Multiplicity (133 GeV)   Multiplicity

TASSO (Acton et al.  
Zeit.Phys.C22(1984)307 [R])  
   Charged Multiplicity   142234GeV(mean values)

HRS (Bender et al.  
Phys.Rev.D31(1985)1 [R])  
   Hadronic Multiplicity   29 GeV