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ALEPH (Heister et al.  
ZP C35(2004)457 [R])  
   Jet-Mass_Difference   91.2133161172183189200206GeV
   Heavy-Jet-Mass   91.2133161172183189200206GeV
ALEPH (Barate et al.  Phys.Rept.241(1998)1 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass (Charged)   91.2 GeV
ALEPH (Buskulic et al.  Zeit.Phys.C55(1992)209 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass 91.2 GeV   ChargedCharged+Neutrals
   Light-Jet-Mass 91.2 GeV   ChargedCharged+Neutrals
   Jet-Mass-Difference 91.2 GeV   ChargedCharged+Neutrals

DELPHI (Abdallah et al.  
Zeit.Phys.C37(2004)1 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass (Standard)   454545183189192196200202205207GeV
   Heavy-Jet-Mass (E-scheme)   456676183189192196200202205207GeV
   Heavy-Jet-Mass (P-scheme)   183189192196200202205206GeV
   Heavy-Jet-Mass (Standard)   456676183189192196200202205207GeV
   Heavy-Jet-Mass (Standard)   456676GeV
   Heavy-Jet-Mass (E-scheme)   456676GeV
   Jet-Mass-Difference (Standard)   456676183189192196200202205207GeV
   Mean values at 45-76 GeV (Standard scheme)   Total-Jet-MassHeavy-Jet-MassLight-Jet-MassJet-Mass-Difference
   Mean values at 45-76 GeV (E-scheme)   Total-Jet-MassHeavy-Jet-MassLight-Jet-MassJet-Mass-Difference
   Mean values at 45-76 GeV (P-scheme)   Total-Jet-MassHeavy-Jet-MassLight-Jet-MassJet-Mass-Difference
DELPHI (Abreu et al.  Zeit.Phys.C14(2000)557 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass at 91.2 GeV, cos(theta)=   0.00-0.120.12-0.240.24-0.360.36-0.480.48-0.600.60-0.720.72-0.840.84-0.960.00-1.00
   Total-Jet-Mass at 91.2 GeV, cos(theta)=   0.00-0.120.12-0.240.24-0.360.36-0.480.48-0.600.60-0.720.72-0.840.84-0.960.00-1.00
   Jet-Mass-Difference at 91.2 GeV, cos(theta)=   0.00-0.120.12-0.240.24-0.360.36-0.480.48-0.600.60-0.720.72-0.840.84-0.960.00-1.00
DELPHI (Abreu et al.  Phys.Lett.B456(1999)322 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass   133 161172183GeVMoments
   Light-Jet-Mass   133 161172183GeVMoments
   Jet-Mass-Difference   133 161172183GeVMoments
DELPHI (Abreu et al.  Zeit.Phys.C73(1997)229 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass    Integrated (91.2 and 133 GeV)
   Heavy-Jet-Mass    Mean Value (91.2 and 133 GeV)
   Jet-Mass-Difference    Mean Value (91.2 and 133 GeV)
DELPHI (Abreu et al.  Zeit.Phys.C73(1997)11 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass 91.2 GeV   charged charged+neutral
   Light-Jet-Mass 91.2 GeV   charged charged+neutral
   Jet-Mass-Difference 91.2 GeV   charged charged+neutral
DELPHI (Abreu et al.  Zeit.Phys.C59(1993)21 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass (Thrust Axis)   91.2 GeV
   Heavy-Jet-Mass (Mass Algorithm)   91.2 GeV
DELPHI (Abreu et al.  Zeit.Phys.C55(1992)55 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass   91.2 GeV
   Jet-Mass   91.2 GeV

L3 (Achard et al.  
Phys.Rept.399(2004)71 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass   41.455.365.475.782.385.1130136161172183189194200206GeV`
   Heavy-Jet-Mass 91.2 GeV.   usdcbmeandispersion
L3 (Acciarri et al.  Phys.Lett.B489(2000)76 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass   189 GeVMean and Dispersion v. Energy
L3 (Acciarri et al.  Phys.Lett.B444(1998)569 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass - Data superseded by Phys.Lett.B489(2000)76   
L3 (Adeva et al.  Zeit.Phys.C55(1992)39 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass   91.2 GeV
   Light-Jet-Mass   91.2 GeV

OPAL (Abbiendi et al.  
Eur.Phys.J.C40(2005)287 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass   91.2133177197GeVMomentsVariances
   Light-Jet-Mass   91.2133177197GeVMomentsVariances
OPAL (Abbiendi et al.  Eur.Phys.J.C16(2000)185 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass   172183189GeV
OPAL (Ackerstaff et al.  Zeit.Phys.C75(1997)193 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass   161GeVMeanWidthSkewness
OPAL (Ackerstaff et al.  Zeit.Phys.C72(1996)191 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass   133GeV
OPAL (Acton et al.  Zeit.Phys.C55(1992)1 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass(91.2 GeV)   method Tmethod M
   Jet-Mass-Difference(91.2 GeV)   method Tmethod M

AMY (Li et al.  
Phys.Rev.D41(1990)2675 [R])  
   Jet-Mass (52-57 GeV)   NarrowWideDifference

TOPAZ (Ohnishi et al.  
Phys.Lett.B313(1993)475 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass   58GeV

H1 (Aktas et al.  
Eur.Phys.J.C46(2006)343 [R])  
   Jet-Mass(B)(316 GeV)   151824375881116Q - GeV(mean value)
H1 (Adloff et al.  Eur.Phys.J.C14(2000)255 [R])  
   Jet-Mass(B)(300 GeV)   7.59151824375581Q - GeV(mean value)
H1 (Adloff et al.  Phys.Lett.B406(1997)256 [R])  
   Jet-Mass mean values (300 GeV)   7-100Q - GeV

ZEUS (Chekanov et al.  
Nucl.Phys.B767(2007)1 [R])  
   Jet-Mass**2 (319 GeV)   80-160160-320320-640640-12801280-25602560-51205120-1024010240-20480Q^2 - GeV^2(mean values)
ZEUS (Chekanov et al.  Eur.Phys.J.C27(2003)531 [R])  
   Jet-Mass(T)**2 mean values v Q (300 GeV)   (mean values)

TASSO (Braunschweig et al.  
Zeit.Phys.C45(1989)11 [R])  
   Jet-Mass-Difference   14223544GeV
   Heavy-Jet-Mass   14223544GeV
   Light-Jet-Mass   14223544GeV

JADE (Movilla-Fernandez et al.  
Eur.Phys.J.C1(1998)461 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass   3544- GeV

MARK2 (Peterson et al.  
Phys.Rev.D37(1988)1 [R])  
   Broad Mass 29 GeV   CombinedPEP5Upgraded(Mean)
   Thin Mass 29 GeV   CombinedPEP5Upgraded(Mean)
   Broad-Thin Mass 29 GeV   CombinedPEP5Upgraded(Mean)

SLD (Abe et al.  
Phys.Rev.D51(1995)962 [R])  
   Heavy-Jet-Mass   91.2 GeV