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HepData Compilation of Parton Distribution Functions

On-line Unpolarized Parton Distribution Calculator with Graphical Display.

Unpolarized Parton Distributions
Access the parton distribution code, on-line calculation and graphical display of the distributions, from CTEQ, GRV, MRST/MSTW, Alekhin, ZEUS, H1, HERAPDF, BBG and NNPDF.
CTEQ fortran code and grids
CTEQ-Jefferson Lab (CJ)the CJ12 PDF sets
GRV/GJR fortran code and grids
MRST fortran code and grids, C++ code
MSTWfortran, C++ and Mathematica codes + grids etc.
ALEKHIN fortran,C++,Mathematica code, and grids
ZEUS ZEUS 2002 PDFs, ZEUS 2005 jet fit PDFs
HERAPDF Combined H1/ZEUS page, HERAPDF1.0 paper
H1H1 2000
NNPDFNon Singlet PDF code - hep-ph/0701127
Polarized Parton Distributions
Currently available parametrizations
LSS2001E.Leader, A.V.Sidorov and D.B.Stamenov, Eur.Phys.J.C23 (2002) 479
LSS2005E.Leader, A.V.Sidorov and D.B.Stamenov, Phys.Rev.D73 (2006) 034023
LSS2006E.Leader, A.V.Sidorov and D.B.Stamenov, Phys.Rev.D75 (2007) 074027
LSS2010E.Leader, A.V.Sidorov and D.B.Stamenov, Phys.Rev.D82 (2010) 114018
LSS2014E.Leader, A.V.Sidorov and D.B.Stamenov, Phys.Rev.D91 (2015) 054017
GRSVM. Glueck, E. Reya, M. Stratmann and W. Vogelsang, Phys. Rev. D53 (1996) 4775
GRSV2000M. Glueck, E. Reya, M. Stratmann and W. Vogelsang, Phys. Rev. D63 (2001) 094005
GST. Gehrmann and W.J. Stirling, Phys. Rev. D53 (1996) 6100
BBJ. Bluemlein and H. Boettcher - Nucl.Phys.B636(2002)225
AACAsymmetry Analysis Collaboration - M. Hirai et al- Phys. Rev. D69 (2004) 054021
DS2000D. de Florian and R. Sassot, Phys. Rev. D62 (2000) 094025
DNS2005D. de Florian, G.A. Navarro and R. Sassot, Phys. Rev. D71 (2005) 094018
Diffractive Parton Distributions
MRW2006A.D.Martin, M.G.Ryskin and G.Watt
Pion Parton Distributions
MRS fortran code and grids
PDFs from nuclei
HKMM. Hirai, S. Kumano and M. Miyama - Phys. Rev. D64 (2001) 034003
EKS98K.J.Eskola, V.J.Kolhinen and C.A. Salgado - Eur.Phys.J C9(1999)61
and K.J.Eskola, V.J.Kolhinen and P.V.Ruuskanen - Nucl.Phys.B535(1998)351
nDSD. de Florian and R. Sassot, Phys.Rev.D69(2004)074028
FGS10L. Frankfurt, V. Guzey, M. Strikman, arXiv:1106.2091 [hep-ph]
Generalized Parton Distributions
GPDGPD code of Vinnikov
Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering
DVCSDVCS code of Freund and McDermott
Fragmentation Functions
FFFragmentation Distribution database site compiled by Marco Radici and Rainer Jakob
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HepData also maintains the UK mirror of the PDG.
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