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This site has now been superseded by the new hepdata.net site. Durham REACTION DATABASE Search

About HepData

The Durham High Energy Physics Database (HepData) has been built up over the past four decades as a unique open-access repository for scattering data from experimental particle physics. It currently comprises the data points from plots and tables related to several thousand publications including those from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). An overview of the HepData project was presented in a talk (2.9 MB) at AAHEP7 on 2nd April 2014, in a talk (1.4 MB) at AAHEP8 on 2nd September 2015, and in a talk (2.7 MB) at CERN on 15th June 2016. See also an update (0.7 MB) presented at CERN on 12th December 2016.

HepData is funded by a grant from the UK STFC and is based at the IPPP at Durham University. The HepData team is very small comprising:

Graeme Watt

Current Database Manager
(since October 2013)
Mike Whalley

Previous Database Manager
(now retired)
Joanne Bentham

Coding Assistant
Frank Krauss

Principal Investigator

The HepData advisory board kickoff meeting was held on 12th November 2014, with a follow-up meeting held on 16th October 2015. The current advisory board members are:
 Enrico Scomparin (Torino, ALICE)  Kyle Cranmer (NYU, wider user base)
 Bill Murray (RAL/Warwick, ATLAS)  Sünje Dallmeier-Tiessen (CERN, INSPIRE)
 Henning Flaecher (Bristol, CMS)  Salvatore Mele (CERN, INSPIRE)
 Ulrik Egede (Imperial, LHCb)  Keith Ellis (IPPP)
 Matthew Wing (UCL, smaller experiments)  Jeppe Andersen (IPPP)

A transition has now been made to a new HEPData site, hepdata.net, based on Invenio, developed in collaboration with INSPIRE, and hosted at CERN. The new site was presented in a meeting at CERN on 25th April 2016. Please use the new hepdata.net site from now on.

STFCIPPP HepData is funded by the UK STFC and hosted at the Durham IPPP.
HepData also maintains the UK mirror of the PDG.
This site has now been superseded by the new hepdata.net site.